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Elon Musk Strategy starts with three cars

Elon Musk's Tesla Strategy Starts With 3 Cars

Is Elon Musk the ultimate strategist? In an interesting National Geographic profile of the new Tesla Factory, he reveals his disrupt-all strategy that is laser focused on taking a huge bite out of the gas-powered world. Surprisingly open about his plans, Elon described his initial 3-car approach. Performance sports car, luxury sedan, then affordable everyday transportation. But it doesn't end with product rollout...

Additionally, Elon reinvented the car factory by opening it up, painting it crisp white, and committing to adaptive improvement through the most advanced technology available to him. "We bought the largest aluminum stamp machine in the world," he flatly proclaims. Why not?

One of the more controversial tactics he has decided to employ is the end to the traditional dealership. No middlemen. Just Tesla "stores" with employees who have no individualized incentive to either sell you a car or find you financing at any cost. Their job is simply to provide a friendly, knowledgeable, and pretty much anonymous support role. No more fake "So do you have kids?" from sleazy car salesmen. In a wild turn of events, Texas banned Tesla from their oil-rich state occupied by apparently powerful car dealer lobbyists.

They must be doing something right.

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