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The definition of Social Marketing

Social Marketing. What is it, really? Is there anything better than a customer saying they love your business, anywhere? It just so happens it a lot easier for people to express their earnest views about a brand today. Social Marketing could be considered to be buying Facebook ads (or now, to some controversially, Twitter ads), but I don't believe that. I think that's just digital media buying. It's marketing, sure, it's social media, sure, but it's not Social Marketing.

Social Marketing is about getting a handle on the behavior of those you care about. It's about understanding the value of what matters to them. It's about being there when they are looking for you on their preferred social media platform. Fundamentally, though, it's definitely not a broadcast or a media buy.

Today is the time to integrate sound, established marketing ideas with digital social behavior.

Also, we must be realistic about our ability to meet our customers's expectations with our own abilities. If you can't be authentically present on a social platform, then don't half ass it. That's when your true message about the value you bring gets lost in the quagmire of disingenuous advertising. People want to express their love and likes and as soon as they can smell manipulation or fakery, the game is up.

There is still nothing better than honest word of mouth. It just so happens that it's a lot less contained than a conversation at a water cooler or cocktail party. Social Marketing is about communicating the real value that your audience expects on the medium both of you use comfortably. And fundamentally, it's not radio. It's not broadcast. It's a conversation.

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