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The Submarines — 1940 (Amplive Remix) and YouTube SEO Strategy in General

UPDATE: Yeah the YouTube user behind this video got the smackdown. I don't think, however, that it had anything to do with either creative entity who I wrote the article about. That being said... be warned.

Here's a vimeo link with better quality audio and a kind of neat video. The mix is still all over the web, fortunately.

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This is a great track with beautiful vocals and killer beats. I wanted to share it for listening, but also because it's a good case to discuss YouTube SEO and Strategy.

First of all, I have no idea who these breakdancers are in this video and I wager a guess that neither do The Submarines or AmpLive. Once again, I am thrilled that the creative people behind the music haven't issued takedowns and instead are happy to see their music spread in organic ways. Yet, there is an opportunity missed by either the label or the artists to have an official presence. Searching YouTube in general can be daunting because of the sheer volume of search stuffing. Let me explain:

1. Band makes song.

2. YouTube user uploads song and titles it "{ songname } + { artist name } + Official Video"

3. Fan searches YouTube and finds random users (many of them) "hosting" the song and typically picks the first one.

Not only does the artist miss out on controlling the branded experience in this case, but there are also potential problems like digital quality, weird advertising, etc. The amount of search manipulation on YouTube is second only to the web, where Google patrols the fences with a bit more diligence. In a perfect scenario for brands (and many other content producers), a search would result in something like this:

FIRST RESULT: Official source of content, the creators.

NEXT RESULTS: A series of remixes, rehosting, etc.

This allows the content to appear in multiple networks (the users') and also control the centrality of signal to the audience who is seeking a genuinely fresh connection or relationship.

Some of the best YouTube success stories in music Snoop Lion (although, how long with his channel still be titled Snoop Dogg TV?) and MonsterCat Mediaallocate enough resources and strategy to exert a high degree control over the experience of the legion of video-searching humans.

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