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My Google+ (Google Plus?) strategy: Have faith in suggestion.

I like to believe that "early adoption" is a characteristic of adventurous or curious people. Possibly intelligent people.

I happen to know the names of a few smart people out there who are early adopters and were posting intelligent things on Google+.

I circled them.

I circled the three people within 50 miles of me who were trying it out.

Then, I tossed a bitcoin to the internet gods and gave my faith to Google's suggestion algorithm.

I followed 100 people per day. I removed around 10 a day. As an additional qualification for being in my circles, you had to have a photo. And, sorry folks, but I also didn't circle you if you had the misleading Google colors like you worked there or something.

5000 was the cap apparently.

Quite a few people followed me back, which was a nice side effect.

And to this day, I have a very rich river of high quality content that is consistently posted in thoughtful ways. Have faith in suggestion!

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