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Your Own Personal Jesus as sung by Depech Mode.

The Mythologosphere and the Mythmirror

I got my hands on the new Siri and she's better, but still lacking much "real" personality. Still, she speaks in nine languages and has a vast array of capabilities.

As these Agents improve on their abilities, they will also improve on their capacity for customization.

Humans are already familiar with creating digital representations of themselves. Our social network profiles are reflections of our real selves. Virtual worlds in games first ask us to customize our fantasy selves before we can enter, increasingly allowing greater detail and creativity.

Instead of just asking our Agents to speak in a different language, soon we will be able to tune their behavior as well. The first step is choosing whether your Agent should be male or female. Then, you might choose a particular voice that is most appealing to you. Personalizing our relationship with the artificial has become expected and will only accelerate through collaborative, distributed innovation and advancing understanding of our brains and Agents.

I believe that this "tuning" is a strengthening bond between us, Agents, other humans, and the Global Brain.

Imagine an Agent that is so customize-able, it can be anything you wish — a cat, a robot, a beautiful woman... or... even a deity. Why not accommodate your own myth systems? With enough agility and ability, the Agent could even adopt your own biases and interests. It can become a kind of Mythmirror, a reflection of you and your beliefs.

Each person can have an individual experience interacting with a singular intelligence. Not only a Universal Translator, but also a true extension of our individuality. Interactions between cultures could be improved through this medium, this Mediator-um. Misunderstandings might be more easily mitigated through a process of virtual Agent interactions acting as the precursor to more direct human-to-human interaction.

We already surround ourselves with a tuned experience, with friend lists and interests. We discover and explore the noosphere by searching an increasingly contextual-to-us system. Perhaps we can find new peace and new ways to advance humanity through the expression of ourselves in a virtual space aided by empathic, deeply understanding Agent friends driven by a goal to ease our tensions, to succeed at interaction, to achieve unity with others through their hard work and adaptive, multilingual, personalized mythologosphere.

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