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Ultimeyes App Gives You Super Sight

Not to be mistaken for the lashingly luxurious Dior mascara, Ultimeyes is an iOS game that when played, your vision improves more than 30%. Their launch appears to be poised to disrupt every single sport on the planet such that in the future, there will be a "Ultimeyes League" and a "League for the Blind." Based on a paper "Improved vision and on-field performance in baseball through perceptual learning" — and another, more in-depth paper here.

If I use this app, does it mean as a designer, I will be at a disadvantage because I can see everything more clearly than everyone else? Naaah, I have a huge iMac and I can still design just fine for other size screens.

This is a larger issue, however, as brain hacks have arrived and are a part of the progress of technology. Will this be regulated? Should there be a ethics review? If I can train my brain to see better, can I train my brain to hear better, think better, feel better, etc?

My initial feelings about Ultimeyes are: it's got a lot of hype, it's in an interesting new category of businesses (like Luminosity), but at the moment the branding is terrible and their website is down. These are red flags to me and I've rarely been wrong when judging a company's leadership by the state of their digital presence. I'll kind of wait until I try the app, though. Who cares if they can't market if they are going to create a legion of superhumans?

There is an interesting interview that happened on Reddit with a Popular Mechanics writer (the first of many press opportunities) and one of the professors, Dr. Aaron Seitz (his CV is way impressive), who developed the app. There is plenty of skepticism, but also a lot of public feedback about to happen as Redditors download his app en masse. They even developed a rough web app.

This is a story I'll be keeping an eye on.Hhhhnnnnnngggh....

UPDATE 2/24/14: The app is now more expensive at $5.99 "for a limited time." I also had to change the video link because the original was deleted. The only difference I can see is that the video now has Universtiy of California Riverside branding, not Ultimeyes (though it's still on the Ultimeyes YouTube page). I don't think this was too much drama, though clearly the Dr.Seitzis starting to see dollar signs, so he might have jumped the gun slightly with his commercial entity.

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