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Quotes from a paper proclaiming that Super Mario grows gray matter.

Video Games Grow Gray Matter

These are quotes from a research abstract which are certain to be sensationalized. Ask a parent if they think playing Super Mario Brothers for hours on end increases their kids' gray matter and you'll get a LOL. Still, the benefits of increasing gray matter could include combating an array of degenerative diseases. Yet many questions remain about our capacity to utilize new brain growth, though it's common sense to suggest that it would be at least better than having less.

This reminds me a bit of that 2010 Ted Talk by Jane McGoningal. The one where she's like, "If only we could get gamer addicts to get addicted to saving the world" or some such other slacker apology. I like to play games, but I don't pretend it makes me smarter IRL (unless you count a healthy paranoia when driving). I think that applying yourself mentally in other ways could potentially result in the same physiological effect; ways that could be more effective at filling the new space with knowledge and wisdom, not just mental muscle.

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