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When Our Eyes Become Screens : The Dark Side of Glass

This incredible short film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo called Sight dares to explore what our lives would be like if our eyes became screens. Google's Project Glass has a much more optimistic view of the future, but they have been a little reluctant to show many concrete expressions of the experience.

I think the effects and their design are wonderful, showcasing how today's web might appear if it was painted over everything in front of us. My favorite part is the emotional feedback meters, which is a frightening extension of facial recognition we may not have associated with products like Glass or extant software systems. I can imagine a TSA control center with alerts like, "This person's face is 64% anxious"

At the same time (and even though I rarely use things like Google Goggles), there is already a relationship between our mobile screens and our physical worlds that only gets stronger. Standing outside a restaurant and reading reviews on your phone seems perfectly normal. What about reading your love interest's Facebook posts minutes before you know you will meet them in person?

As the lines begin to blur, films like this help show where our boundaries might be set and for that, I'm grateful for their creativity and thoughtfulness.

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