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Beauty in How It's Made (Real Close-Up-Like)

This $2.5 million dollar watch made by Patek Phillipe is examined under such lovingly closeup scrutiny, it might make you blush. This is a beautiful example of increasingly common and compelling macrovideography that requires a great deal of planning and arrangement to get "just right." We enjoy not just the shiny things in this video, the luxury, but also the process of learning how it's put together. We sense the psychological and physiological rewards of being so precise, so practiced, and I believe we live for a moment vicariously through the motions, such that we become the watchmaker.

I also love the entire concept of MaximumAnalog, flying in the face of robot-assembleddiamond-studded iPhones as the coolest, most extravagant "device" you can conceivably carry.

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