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The Reboot Buggy: What is it Rebooting, Exactly?

This obnoxious tonka truck was created "without aesthetics." Is that even possible? Philosophically, I mean. The shocks happen to be blue because they came that way. The rims were on sale. Etc. In my mind, this thing is a temple to what the builder values. Does he value the moped behind him eating flames? No. Does he value listening to NPR while tooling down the road? No. Does he value going fast, ramping dunes, and making a lot of noise? Hell yes. To him, it is a thing of beauty. To me, what's beautiful is the thought process.

Ok, it's ugly. I would love to drive it like I stole it, though. Where this project gets interesting is the soul-pulling drive of the maker. No perfect vehicle existed that he could just buy. Why do we just buy things? Why don't we make things for ourselves any more? He is getting a little righteous. The project is almost a pilgrimage. The archangels of Gas, Rubber, and Metal sing in harmony as our hero throws off the mantle of expectations and the status quo to solo quest to the Ultimate Expression of... what?

To begin his quest, he must first question everything (he must hate Jeeps). Then, he must have a goal (tear up the beach). Later, he must have an insight (I had no user). It's beyond a hobby project. There could be Promethean wisdom to come from it all. There is more going on culturally than a do-it — yourself trend. In a way, when the builder saw his creation, its violence and raw truth, he was shaken and humbled. The actualization that you do have the ability to think entirely for yourself. To ignore brands, to ignore what other people think you want. To discover who you are — all by yourself.

It's a taste of freedom.

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