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Privacy in 2013 and Beyond

The idea of privacy is a fundamental ethical, technological, and philosophical challenge facing us today. I believe we still need more people to stand up and talk about this issue, as Alessandro Acquistiinin this compelling TED talk.

Although his French accent at times was at times hard to follow, I was riveted to this presentation about the abuse of privacy. He closed on the two hammers of PGP and Tor. My kind of thinker.

He's clearly very bright — though his research is startling! — and is focused on an important pursuit. For me, I feel lucky to have been away of the world as generally non-private and to only treat PGP-encrypteddigital information as the only thing I could count on in terms of knowledge privacy.

I still feel pretty safe in my home in terms of privacy. And I fully expect to be filmed at all times when I'm in public. It's just normal to me.

But I do feel an obligation to help contribute to the solution — if I can — to the abuse of privacy.

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