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Mumford and Sons' live performance of The Cave in Bristol, Virginia rocked the city like never before

So my town got lucky. Bristol, Tennessee / Virginia. We say that because main street is actually the state line of "twin cities," which can be confusing. Mumford & Sons are the headline act of the "Gentlemen of The Road" touring crew that hand selected special small towns to sing their heads off to appreciative local crowds (and people from 47 countries who came to see them here). Ol' Bristol, her heart sung too that night. It was huge for our city's brand as The Birthplace of Country Music, our downtown entrepreneurs, and thousands of new visitors and old citizens.

As a member of the local downtown revitalization (Main Street) organization Believe in Bristol, my roles are to work with entrepreneurs to capitalize on things like this as well as to help brand our town as arts-conscious. The 15,000+ crowd that showed up on our streets exceeded everyone's wildest dreams. No one could predict that lines for food would be so long. No one imagined the scale of the street party that happened after Mumford's set ended.

In a phrase, it rocked. Ok, maybe British folk-rocked.

I shot one other video of their last song, Wagon Wheel, which you can watch here.

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