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Sunvault Looking To Disrupt Solar Industry

I have discovered what appears to be the leading edge applied graphene technology play and it comes from Canada in the form of a company called Sunvault.

With supporters like UCLA, former Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson and inventor Robert Murray-Smith, it's pretty damn legit. Their pitch is no less than a claim of $40 per kilowatt. Elon Musk claims a cost of his battery systems providing a $150/kw in five years.

The tech is basically better designed solar "panels" combined with revolutionary Super Supercapacitors based on a grapheneintegrated into the system neatly. If you have ever seen a 1000 watt solar + battery system today, it's a heavy, ugly beast. These new designs are not only much smaller and lighter, they are cheaper and more powerful.

There will be other players, but the writing is now very publicly on the wall. Technology has been discovered that will eventually uproot and displace the 100-year-old electricity grid. At Lowe's, you can buy a 10 kw solar system for $30,000.00. Imagine if it cost only $400. That's where we are heading — now.

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