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Network Solutions Hijacks Your Website With Under Construction Page When Switching to their DNS

Oh, Network Solutions. My rocky relationship with them has been at least predictable over so many years (20??). Predictably full of nonsense. Here's the latest:

Lets say you want to switch Name Servers. Not web hosts... not even your Registrar. You just want to go from Name Server A to Name Server B. Well, you set up Name Server B to point to the correct IP address (the same one pointed at by Name Server A), then log in to your Registrar and "Update Name Servers." While this triggers the oh-so-wrong-and-evil "Propagation" phenomenon, it won't matter to users on the internet at large because whether or not they have the old Name Server A cached or the new Name Server B, both of them return the same IP address result when asked "where is this website?"

You see, websites going "down" for any reason whatsoever is no longer a thing. They must be up 100% of the time and never be slower than the users' internet connection. At least, that's if you have standards. Network Solutions does a funny thing. For a brief moment, they "steal" your website in between going from A to B because you can't preconfigure Network Solution's Name Server prior to Updating the Name Server to use them.

So here's what happens:

  1. You change a Network Solutions domain to use the Network Solutions Name Servers.
  2. Network Solutions immediately points that domain to an Under Construction page.
  3. At this moment, anyone who types in your domain into their web browser will see this page. That is until...
  4. You scramble tochange your Name Server to use the correct IP (The A Record), which is exactly the same its always been. This takes around 5 minutes to "apply".

No, it's not a major outage. It's still a gap in service that is utterly unimportant to them. I called and spoke with a tech who literally could not understand this situation no matter how I tried to explain it. /eyeroll

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