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Google Now Broken on Nexus 5

I spent the entire day yesterday trying to get Google Now working on my Nexus 5.

I have finally given up and decided to use another account for most of my non-mail Google data, including Contacts.

I have the "Network Error" when you launch Google Search on Kit Kat 4.4.2

I completed all of the steps I could find other than rooting the device. I spoke with reps from Sprint, LG, Google Apps Premium Support, and a very helpful Google Adwords Representative none of whom had a Android support number or process for escalation. Posting to Google+ did nothing thus far.

The answer is to return my phone and that there is no one to "care" about this particular component of the architecture. It's a "bug" that they want me to provide "reports" about. Actually, it's one of the primary ways Google wants me to use the phone, one of the most common tasks I expected to use the phone for, and is partly the reason I bought the phone.

In a way, this issue encapsulates one thing wrong with Google. Their stock is at $1,122. Don't you think they can afford better customer service? "We don't provide phone support" is the default answer for their company attitude — UNLESS it's Adwords or Enterprise. Their priorities are absolutely clear in this case to me, and it strikes me as slightly unhuman and selfish.

It's laughable how out of date Sprint's tech support is. What's even funnier is how LG treats customers — they don't give a rat's ass; why should they care? They made their money and it's branded Google Nexus... the LG is a subtext in the background... "we make the hardware."

I am happy with the compromise I have had to make and to be fair, this is a difficult issue to figure out. Maybe it will be fixed in the next patch — I hope so. But I'd love to know the root cause — the reasons, the moment it broke, and who figured it out.

Good luck!

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