Ben Collins Digital Ben Collins Digital Icon and Demonstrate Chaos

I hypothesize that it may have been impossible to successfully launch without major problems. The merging of YouTube with Google+ has hit a similar unavoidable wall of chaos. I think the level of chaos caused by these incredibly large digital systems that interact with incredibly complicated human systems is up there with flying in space and smashing atoms in terms of complexity.

Although the entities that fly in space and build atom smashers have arguably the smartest minds on the planet working on those projects, we still have Space Shuttle disasters and massive magnet failures. It's true that life is very good at battling Entropy, yet our nemesis seems to always find a way to disrupt our dreams of order.

What is most unfortunate in my view is not that sometimes difficult projects fail seemingly no matter how hard we try to prevent it, it is that the general population seems to have little sympathy for the scale of such things.

When the Large Hadron Collider had a series of problems, some went so far as to suggest that the Universe itself was preventing our observation of the Higgs boson.

When and have a series of problems, no such excuse is offered up to console the poor souls being blamed. Can you imagine having the President of the United States as a client and getting a call from him yelling at you? Yes, there may have been some dumb decisions made by leadership for those two projects, but I still have a sense that the scale of these two websites is so vast, so impossible to simplify, that the Universe may indeed be throwing wrenches into the systems.

Entropy, you are a cruel mistress.

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