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HDR Photo of the Bristol Trainstation

What's next for HDR photography in business?

HDR photography has taken the amateur photographer scene by storm. It's also showing up in more and more commercial work. There are millions of pages of content out there already if you don't know what it is, but I wanted to specifically address this technology in the context of business.

Is HDR better than traditional photography? I am certain there are a number of old, brilliant, film-only photographers that would burn my house down if I said yes.

No. Better photography is better. However, HDR is an opportunity to stand out against the competition.

I think the presence of HDR in architecture is a legitimate paradigm shift. If a building is not lit properly (like many of them), HDR is a way to make up for the bad light during an evening shot (like the above image I shot and processed, which is 8 different exposures combined).

Cars shoot really well too, especially antiques. Check out my friends work here.

In my opinion, the next big move for HDR in the business world is in product photography. I think there is real value to HDR offered in complex machinery parts with a lot of nooks and crannies. Possible in toys using the color-amplifying side of HDR techniques. Who knows where else, but I think there is real potential!

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