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Ben Collins, an Aboutepidia

Hello, and nice to meet you.

This is slightly awkward since I have no idea who you are (probably), but thanks for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy some of the things I've found on the internet that I love.

From a professional standpoint, in my career I want to help human beings make sense (and good use) of the digital world. I hope to make a difference in how we adapt to it all; to help simplify and demand results from our new experiences made possible with technology.

To be more specific: I've built dozens of successful websites, written, produced, photographed, et cetera. Social media, mobile strategies, production and execution.

I love open source code dearly.

I love consulting, working for others, with others. Making sense of complex things — and yes — making money.

I've helped a lot of great entrepreneurs earn revenue online. I also love to help entrepreneurs as a volunteer in my community in any way possible. Either with a quick phone call for some advice or interacting with a network of decision makers so I can assist with strategic economic development at a high level.

I cherish the pursuit of intelligence and the evolution of culture.

For all of that, my wife, son, and animal companions would have a much more realistic description of me, I'm sure.